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Youth Choir


Victory Youth Choir is led by Sis. Nisey Dupree and is a music ministry which seeks to strengthen the young person's commitment to Christ, intended to help young people grow in faith and servanthood.

Age group for this ministry is Ages 5 through 17.



-To provide an environment for spiritual growth through music.

-To teach youth to minister to others through musical concerts.

-To mentor youth through relationships with other teens and advisors.

-To teach youth the need for sacrifice through rehearsals, the music, memorization, and concerts.

-To instill in youth that serving the Lord can be fun and fulfilling.

-To strengthen the ties Christian youth can have with Christians from other churches in the area.

-To help develop basic habits for healthy Christian living such as prayer, devotions, courage to live one's faith, sharing what God is doing in one's life, openness to the leading of the Holy Spirit.


Rehearsals:  Every 2nd & 4th Thursdays at 6:30 p.m.

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