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Book Release

In this book, Pastor McKinney is real, raw and relevant.  She shares some of her personal struggles as well as her strong points as a single woman; that deals with everyday life issues for singles.  Many say "I'm Single", but are you single for real or are you still soul-tied to the lovers of your past; someone that is not even your husband! It's time to be free and SINGLE FOR REAL!  

Many singles want to get married but for some, for the wrong reason.  Sex is not the answer to bringing your flesh under subjection, deliverance is!  My prayer is that this book will empower you to take advantage of being SINGLE by becoming WHOLE and maximizing your time by serving and pleasing the Lord and reaching your full potential in life.  Let your Boaz find you full of faith, fine and financially stable!  


Price: $15.00  - Click Here to Purchase




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